Blurry date night featuring Rachel Ray’s pretzel-encrusted chicken. Rainbow drip candles and tie-dye napkins add the color that meal desperately lacks.

If you’re feeling shoppy....

  1. Pretty coupe glasses for summer cocktails (currently riffing on the clover club with strawberries instead of raspberries using Sipsmith Strawberry Smash). I love these too.
  2. Pastel candlesticks or votives
  3. Casual cool tablecloths featuring pastels, gingham, florals, botanicals, or mushrooms (technically a blanket, which is totally FINE). See above for a mushroom blanket action shot.
  4. Cute lil water pitcher like this or this lettuce baby (which looks tiny but I’m willing to compromise for aesthetics). If you’re feeling excited, this is the perfect time of year for crystal lite pink lemonade or strawberry-infused water
  5. Flowery hand soaps for the bathroom
  6. Colorful cocktail napkins like these or these

7. Fresh spring cookbooks. I got excited listening to this episode of Spendid Spoon and ordered The Flavor Thesauraus to add a bit of rigor to experiment. I’m equally excited about this one that feels like a vacation and this one that is in every self-respecting Brooklyn home (mine included)

This playlist which bops me down every sidewalk

8. Lil’ hosting outfit like this cool ass caftan or this bohemian daydream. For a more casual mood, go with a wild card like this pink onesie.

9. Pink carnations and baby’s breath from the bodega (to match our outfits)

10. This rug in front of the kitchen sink

11. This lipstick I wore walking down the aisle

12. These hand thrown strawberry mugs

13. This set of dessert bowls, perfect for serving Breyer’s strawberry ice cream

14. These cutie pink earrings

15. This bath bomb for after guests leave